Secrets of C Language

Almost everyone who has some knowledge of computers and technology is aware of the C language. It is one of the oldest programming languages that have given programmers a large canvas to work on and come up with some great ideas. Despite so many programmers working on it, there are so many who are still not aware of the secret behind its popularity and common usage. Since it was used by programmers when it was first introduced, it has managed to stay on top and remains a demanding language in the IT industry.

Whether you are a student or a programmer working with dissertation writing service, learning more about this language and exploring it in depth will only benefit you in the long run and give you a chance to prove your ability and talent in the long run. Even though it has been around for some decades, yet it is not considered obsolete or old. It continues to dominate the programming world, and its historical relevance also makes it more appealing and attractive.

Not many know that the first operating system UNIX to be developed with the help of a programming language was done with C language. You must know the secret that makes this an evergreen choice and why it has not faded to the background like so many other things.  This article discusses the 5 secrets of the C language that many people do not know about and explain what makes it such a popular and demanding choice of programmers and students.

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The C programming language is simple to understand; technically, it is a mid-level language that means it is in close association with both low and high-level languages. The high-level language characteristics make it look very similar to the language used by humans with easy English words and phrases, and thus, this is the main secret behind its long life and high usage. The fun part about the C language is that Sanskrit is regarded as the most suitable language for programming as every word of Sanskrit holds a logical meaning for the compiler.

The most significant feature of the C language is the implementation of various data types, loops, arrays, functions, structures, unions, macros, user-defined operations, linked lists, stacks and queues, binary trees, hash tables, and pointers. All this makes it very convenient for the programmer to develop the programs and work on things without getting confused.

What makes the C language so sought after is its ability to serve as the base language. It can be better explained as a prerequisite for learning other languages; if you have learned the C language, other languages become a piece of cake for you. The main reason behind this is that most of the other popularly used programming languages came after the C language. This makes it the oldest among others and the mother of all, and your knowledge of all the other programming languages remains incomplete if you do not know about the C. Also, if you are smart enough to learn the C language and implement its concepts, you will develop a base for programming and will be able to solve even the most complex of problems in the long run.

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As it is a structured or modular programming language that enables the programmer to break the codes into small fragments to improve the readability of the code, it makes the program less redundant and simple that works wonders for programmers. With this language, you can also manage memory more efficiently as it supports the feature of dynamic memory allocation as well as bit field.

Another feature that makes C so important and popular is its portability feature.  No one wants to study or work on something that is no longer applicable on various platforms and does not offer any benefit. C language comes with a unique feature that makes programming so easy and efficient. With the C library, you can get a remarkable range of inbuilt functions that make things convenient for programmers.

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