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A way of conveying non-personal business transactions to arrange meetings or to get answers regarding services is a business letter. The businessmen can also write business letters to promote their businesses. We can also use them to communicate with vendors. While business letter writing, you should keep in mind that it is more formal than personal letters. That’s why you will have to follow certain rules while business letter writing. For example, you should learn the basic format before starting to write it. We have to start the business letters at the top of the centre of the page. Here, we will discuss dos and don’ts for business letter writing.

Dos of Business Letter Writing

Keep the Readers in Mind

If you want to enhance the authenticity of business letters, you should write them by keeping in mind the readers. Sometimes, you will have to write business letters for non-technical readers. Under such a situation, you should avoid technical jargon and acronyms. Its reason is that readers may not familiar with these terms. You should explain the words by relating these concepts to the readers.

Keep Writing Simple and Succinct

Business Letter WritingDuring business letter writing, you should get to the point quickly and unambiguously. You can do it by adopting effective communication techniques. Some writers try to make the use of extended and flowery language. Sometimes, they may also try to convince the readers by using obscure vocabulary. If you will use these techniques, you may lose the meaning or emphasis of your writing. Here, you should try to convey your message in a few possible words. If you will use extended and flowery language, the readers will get bored.

Focus on Structure and Organization of Business Letters

Sometimes, you may have to create lengthy business letters. While writing business letters, you should open them in the summary overview form. This summary overview will allow the readers to make a judgment of the meaning of the letter. It is also important for the readers to wade through the text. Here, you should try to divide the longer texts into separate sections. You should also write these separate sections with descriptive headings. Moreover, you should also try to cover one or two subjects in the business letters.

Choose an Appropriate Tone

If you will have to write something for your colleagues or business associates, assignment writing service will have to adopt an informal tone. Under such a situation, you have the assurance that the readers can easily receive or interpret your letter. In the case of business letters, you don’t have 100% assurance that readers can receive or interpret the letter. Here, you will have to make changes in your tone. It means that you will have to adopt a formal and respectable tone.

Use the Best-Written Business Letters as Templates

No doubt, businessmen have to usually write business letters. Instead of re-inventing the wheel all the time, they should try to have similar documents. As a result, they can save their efforts to re-invent the same documents. In the future, if you will have to write business letters, you can easily open these documents. After making simple amendments to these documents, you can easily use them.

Don’ts of Business Letter Writing

Don’t Become Over-Reliant on Grammar and Spelling Checking Facility

No doubt, if you are writing business letters on your computers, you can easily spot grammar and spelling mistakes. Moreover, you can easily remove these mistakes. While business letter writing, you should not overly rely on this facility. Before sending it to the audience, you should proofread it. You can also get the facilities of other people to check and remove spelling and grammar mistakes from these documents.

Don’t Use Sarcasm Jokingly

During verbal communication, you can easily show your serious or humorous intent by using a tone of voice. Anyhow, you can’t get these qualities in the written communication. For example, if you want to present something funny before the audience, you may misinterpret it. This thing can become a cause of unintended offence for the readers. Due to the humour in the business letters, other businessmen may also not take it seriously.

You should not be Careless

Business Letter Writing 2While business writing, you may have to write business letters to your CEO or customers. Here cheap essay writing service firm, you should take extra care while writing the name, gender and title of the recipients. For example, if you will write ‘Mr.’ instead of ‘Mrs.’, this thing will show your carelessness. Similarly, if you will write the wrong job title or spelling mistakes in names, these things will not last a good impression on the readers. Before sending the business letters to the recipients, you should double-check these things.

Don’t forget to add Call to Action

Sometimes, you have posted a question in the business letter. You want to get the answer to this question. Similarly, you can also get feedback on a draft report. If you want to get the answers to these questions, you should not close your business letters without adding an appropriate call to action. These calls to action will attract the readers.

Avoid Being Unprofessional

While business letter writing, you should show your professional skills. If you want to show professional skills, you will have to do some important things. First, you should check the accuracy of all the facts in the business letters. Secondly, you should not include anything in the business letters that will distract the attention of the readers. Thirdly, you should not be offensive while writing them. Fourthly, you should not be critical while writing these documents. At last, you should not avoid proofreading before sending these documents.


While working as a leader, manager or employee within an organization, you will have to make the written communication the fundamental part of your everyday routine. It means that you may have to regularly write business letters, reports and newsletters etc. While business letter writing, you may have to follow and avoid some important things. For example, you will have to write business letters by keeping in mind readers and keep the writing simple and succinct are the most important do’s of business letters. Anyhow, being unprofessional and showing carelessness while writing letters are the most important don’ts of business letters.

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