Problems Due to Overuse of Internet

During the past few decades, the internet has become a very significant part of our lives. The global population that uses the web for work and recreational purposes continues to grow with every passing day as more and more people are attracted to the attractions it offers. However, along with the numerous benefits that the internet has offered, a correlation between growing intent usage and mental disorders also has been observed by the experts of cheap essay writing services.

Overuse Of The Internet And Its Effects On Youth:

It would not be wrong to say that overuse of the internet leads to various problems, both physical and psychological among youth, who prefer to spend most of their time online. These days most of the youngsters prefer to play a game online rather than stepping out and indulging in some physical game or activity and this is leading to various problems. The psychological dependence on the internet for everything regardless of the types of activities is leading to impairment in various life functions.

Too much internet usage is turning into an addiction, and it negatively impacts the body as well as the mind in several days, preventing youth from doing anything creative and concrete. Poor planning abilities, lack of tolerance, weakening of control as well as online excessive time have been defined as the symptoms of impairment of functions that lead to many other personality disorders in young users.

Doctors recommend limited screen time as internet usage has been growing among all age groups, especially young people who have too much to do and see online. What was initially designed to help users connect with people across the globe, work remotely, shop online, and support academics and conduct financial transactions has gone on to become a hotspot for many other things, most of which are not beneficial.

The youth have become addicted to the internet and this addiction is fast proceeding to an extent that it is having detrimental effects on their psychical as well as mental health. Not only this, but it is also exposing them to cyberbullying, cyber suicide, cyber-porn, cyber racism, social isolation, internet addiction, etc. that are taking them entirely in a different direction and disconnecting them from the real work. In turn, they exhibit social behaviors that lead to relationship problems and academic failures in the long run. This article discusses some of the problems that youth end up facing due to the overuse of the internet.

Depression, Anxiety, and Sadness:

People who spend too much on the internet end up living a life of their own which is different from the real one. They lose touch with reality and what is going on in the real world, even in their homes as they are too much engaged in what they are doing. They begin to live in a fantasy world, and without access to the web, they feel depressed, anxious, and sad. They feel unable to survive in this world without the internet to help them live and breathe easily.

Sleep Deprivation:

Spending too much time on the internet can overstimulate the mind, and such people are unable to fall asleep or enjoy a good rest even when they fall to sleep. Sometimes these people also end up going to bed with their smartphones or tablets and keep on browsing till late hours. This means they do not get adequate sleep and it begins to affect their mental as well as physical health and they are unable to perform well in other areas.  In the long run, such people begin to exhibit symptoms of anxiety and depression as they do not know what is happening to them.

Social Isolation:

These days’ youth face the problem of social isolation. They might have hundreds of friends on social media who will like and share their posts but not a single friend who can be with them in time of need and offer advice. People who get addicted to the internet end up developing numerous close relationships online but lose out on real and meaningful relationships with peers and family, and there comes a time when they feel lonely with no one around them.

Mood Swings:

People who spend too much time on the internet end up with mood swings. They feel happy when they are online but become gloomy, irritated, and even depressed when they are denied access, or when they are unable to do what they want.  They begin to lose the sense of time, get defensive when someone tries to talk to them, and only feel good when sitting in front of a computer.


People who spend too much time online understand what they are doing is wrong, but they cannot face it and do anything about it. On the other hand, they find ways and means to justify their actions and come up with reasons why they need to spend so much time using the internet.

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Physical Ailments:

Youth have flexible bodies that are meant for outdoor and physical activities. When the youngsters spend all their time cooped up in rooms in front of computer screens, their bodies also begin to get affected, and it can result in various physical ailments that become hard to tackle as they age. Some common physical problems faced by teenagers due to overuse of the internet include:

  • Headaches
  • Backaches
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Blurred or strained vision issues
  • Weight loss or gain
  • Problems with the nervous system

Overuse of anything is bad, and excessive use of the internet can damage the well-being and functioning of the youth. It can lead to harmful social as well as individual effects, and it becomes very difficult to control things once they get out of hand.

While the social and economic benefits of the internet cannot be denied, it is necessary to realize that too much of everything is not good. The internet offers a world of attraction to the youth, but too much of it can affect family values, respect for others, and the ability to focus on other significant aspects of life, especially for those who are still in the learning phase and need the right guidance.

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