Tools to Use for Students Evaluation

Assessment is very important as it can help teachers grade and understand their students’ performance and help them enhance and improve learning. Using formative assessment tools and methods that have been specifically designed to check and provide students’ feedback plays a very crucial role in the academic sector and gives students a chance to work on their skills in a much better way.

As the students need to cover large amounts of information and develop many skills, there are times when the teachers do not get time to check and ensure how well they are learning and it is with assessment only that students’ performance can be evaluated. With practical and compressive tools, formative assessment is possible now and teachers can evaluate how well the students have learned and how well they are doing in their class.

Formative assessment is very important in classrooms and with the right tools, measuring student learning is no longer difficult or time-consuming. These tools can be applied across grades and subject areas in virtual, hybrid as well as in-person learning environments and help teachers estimate each student’s progress most accurately. Discusses here are some of the most efficient and comprehensive tools shared by experts of PhD dissertation writing services that can be used for students evaluation:

Comprehensive Tools for Students Evaluation:


It is one of the most important tools that can be used in the classroom to evaluate students’ performance and help them do better. It offers a variety of options for students that keeps them engaged in the assessment; the students will love to compete against each other in Kahoot games and this gives teachers a chance to assess them in various activities, making the entire process fun and easy.

It offers both classic and team modes that allow students to play a game as an individual or with a group. Students earn points by answering questions quickly and accurately and enjoy watching the leaderboard throughout the game. Kahoot is a must-try tool as it helps teachers to review tests and more.


Quizizz enables teachers to gather evidence of student learning in a fun, gamified environment. When teachers create activities through the program, they can search for and use games and questions created by other users and use them for coming up with something new and interesting. It is a great experience for students who are accustomed to answering questions only as their teachers create them. Teachers can share an activity with students on Google Classroom to be completed in class or as homework.

The good thing about using this tool is that questions and answers are displayed on students’ devices, which saves them from having to crane their necks to see the board around their peers. As students answer questions, they are greeted with fantastic memes based on the accuracy of their response which makes it so much fun. Teachers can view individual student progress and whole-class data, which is great for assessing student learning without causing any pressure.


While Quizlet is popular for being a flashcard creation tool, it is so much more than that and offers a host of options for teachers and students to engage at one platform where teachers can assess the students. Quizlet Live allows teachers to create collaborative learning games that emphasize concept mastery.

Teachers can create a game from any Quizlet flashcard deck. After at least six players join the game, they are sorted into random teams. Students must work together to correctly answer the questions. All team members see the same question on their screens, but they are given different lists of answer options. As teams answer correctly, they move across the board. The team that answers 11 questions in a row correctly wins, and the competition aspect spurs kids to learn so they can support their team.  This is an excellent way for students to showcase their skills and learning and the teachers can also evaluate students for what they are and how well they can perform.


It is a great collaborative and evaluation tool for students and teachers and helps them communicate about anything. It is a free tool to share information, resources, images, and more and encourages students to reflect on their learning and review. Teachers can create a Padlet wall for each of their classes called WSWR, which stands for “what should we review,” encourages each student to contribute a reflection from the instructional videos they watch. Students post concepts that they feel need to be revisited, and their classmates can reply to their posts. Teachers can also use each class’s WSWR wall to create a review screencast based on what the students feel needs to be reviewed.


Flipgrid is the newest tool to appear on the edtech scene. Through Flipgrid, teachers can create grids that are similar to class sections in Classroom or a learning management system and post topics for students to reflect upon.

The students can respond to prompts through a video using a quick, four-step process and the teachers can view student responses and provide timely feedback that encourages students to reply to their classmates’ submissions. Teachers can share grids and topics via Google Classroom or a QR code, or keep the grid private when assessing the students’ performance.


Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that is compatible with GSuite services. It is a game-changer and it can emphasize the process of learning over the product. Teachers love how students solve and explain their solutions with the help of this tool which makes it so easy for them to move forward in learning and assess students on basis of their talent.


With help of Literably tool, students can aloud and answer questions on their device, and the teachers can assess and evaluate them on their talent and skills. Within 24 hours, they can get a running record with scores for accuracy, fluency, and comprehension.

Assessment is at the heart of teaching practice and teachers need to come up with the right assessment methods to evaluate their students on basis of their skills and talents they possess. Planning and estimating are very important and teachers need to understand how to test their students and use the comprehensive tools the best.

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